"Oh my heart hurts so good. I love you, so bad, so bad."

Because I haven’t posted a selfie on this since forever ago. Herro 👋

Because I haven’t posted a selfie on this since forever ago. Herro 👋

My next 60 years, plus centuries, next lives and parallel universes, is her.

My next 60 years, plus centuries, next lives and parallel universes, is her.

A Visual Mixtape Vol 1

My head is pressed against your skin.
Listening to the lullaby of your heartbeat as they slow dance with your breath. You vibrate my bones, from the bass in your tone and all you said, was “Hi.” But you also did it with your eyes. While strobe lights glisten inside those pupils, you look at me… like I’m Disco. And I’m spinning at the edges of your fingertips; the way you touch me like music. And I know just how much you love music. So I stay in your trance. And we play the game of lazy. The one where we don’t greet the children of the sun who sneak through uneven blinds, playing hide and seek with the lids above our eyes. And my legs slither around yours, until I accidentally knee your thighs… So I can casually apologize, “I’m sorry but I need* you.” Here and right now. Swaying under covers while your hands push into mine, every time I attempt to reach for my breath. I know you don’t take requests… But do you mind, if we never leave this bed?

What I’m trying to say is, I miss you in the morning.

hllprpr said: nah, i'll see you -- soon. i love you.

Soon. I love you, through centuries, next lives and parallel universes… I’ll love you.

Cue. Repeat.


The way your body falls like a graceful avalanche onto mine lets me know you’re deep in sleep, as does a mountain full of flowers you rise, then descend like a petal and… tell me how is it that when you feel yourself falling to my chest you push down a little harder? Your hands they hold onto my…

My girlfriend takes my breath away. *swoon

ETA, is always.

The distance between you and I is approximately 2,790 miles away. 1 day and 19 hours, driving. 5 hours, flight time. And google maps says there’s only 3 alternate routes to reach you, but I’m gonna prove them wrong. See you’re closer to me than they think. I can hear you asleep in my chest, breathing into my heart. Swimming in the tsunamis that tumble in my stomach. Running marathons in the mazes of my brain. You flow out of my deep exhales when I think about how amazing you are and how blessed I am to call you mine. You’re everywhere, you’re in me, and that’s closer than any navigation system can read. The distance between you and I, is approximately 2 inches, from my hand to my chest, in patting motion, when I swoon over the thought of you. 5.25 seconds, from type to send. 100 milliseconds to see your smile, blinking time.
And I will explore those 3 alternate routes, but then I will get lost on purpose. So I can find every hidden path not listed on these maps. I wanna travel on your bones until my heels echo in your soul, and then knock on your heart to tell you that I’m home. And that no matter how far you think I am, I’d always find a way to you.

hllprpr said: hello, again.

Hi fun sized ass, will I see you at Pride next year? ;)

It’s you.

Like in movies, there’s always a song associated with every beautiful moment. Sometimes in real life, it’ll happen. And everything in that moment will feel in perfect order that you don’t even realize you’re in the middle of your own movie scene. It’s only until you hear the song again alone that you remember. Remember where it took you. Remember how it felt. Remember who you shared it with. And that’s when you remember that sometimes the best things in life, aren’t things.

She held her arm out of the window and let her fingers dance with the wind. Letting this song glide into the entrance of her ears, as she closed her eyes and lightly swayed her head with the melody. Absorbing the sunshine into her skin, leaving her tone just a little more caramel. Zooming through the freeway so fast that the cars started to look like marbles, glistening in the sun as she left them all behind. So fast, that the trees looked like they were never ending. So fast, that she felt like she was the hurricane, taking over all that wasn’t hers. So fast that the speed pushed their arms to touch while switching lanes. Skin on skin, with a sign of light sweat. She almost forgot that she wasn’t alone. She opened her eyes to remind herself. She gazed at the path ahead, wondering if it was possible for the road to devour her and take her into a whole new world. She turned and saw you. And what seemed like just a casual glance before, felt like something completely different now. Her look fixated on the profile of your face. Studying the way your eyes always appeared so sad while your lips said otherwise. Traced the line of your sharp jaw with her pupils. And when she almost thought you were unreal, you slowly meet her stare. One quick second of contact, she was breathless. Her heart felt light. She knew no words. The feeling of silent simplicity and ultimate content kicks in. And you break a grin at her while you return your eyes to the road. The intermission before the climax. The small open window of realization that this exactly where she wants to be. The moment she realizes that it’s you. And what that means exactly, she still has yet to understand. But she know’s it real. And when she finds something real, she keeps it close and dear to her heart, because everybody wants it. Everybody wants this feeling. And only few can really say they’ve felt it. So she rides it. This feeling. Like its a white unicorn on a merry-go-round while she’s going circles in a kaleidoscope. Is it possible to fall in love all over again but want nothing out of it except for this exact moment? She melts into the song, holding on to nothing but these sweet words of the chorus:

And without you I can’t be,

You’re the universe to me,
You’re the air in my lungs,
You’re the fields where I run,
You’re the sky where I’m floating,

It’s you, you, you, you.

And without you I can’t be,

You’re the universe to me,
You’re the air in my lungs,
You’re the fields where I run,
You’re the sky where I’m floating.”

A painted silly smile on her face while her heart beats to that majestic drop. She looks back at you to find that you both are sharing this song. And it’s completely child-like and innocent. But this moment wouldn’t have been the same with anyone else. Its only because it’s you, it’s you.

Anonymous said: How come you no write anymoe?

You miss me? I’ll be writing again soon. Thank you for keeping me in mind :)

Guitar Strings.

Name one scar your character has?

She has nice legs. From a distance, with dim light and shorts that come just above the knee. She used to hide it in embarrassment. Pulls down her skirt when it rises just above the line. Avoided dresses because they always swung wildly. But once, just once, she got intimate under the dark sky. Lights off. She felt invisible. And with blind eyes, they touched each other using lips and fingertips, and melted their bodies together with the heat of the moment. After, they laid there, hands interlocked. With an exhale of her cigarette smoke, she let go of all insecurities. He turned on the light to search for her face. Her body was spilled onto the bed and her legs shimmered from sweat. She was beautiful. He examined her feet while she giggled. He scanned her ankles and followed the glow up to her thighs. She followed his gaze. He saw it. She held in her breath. He touched it. She didn’t move, as if she were holding a red cape in front of a bull. Her eyes fixated on the location of his fingers. He traced the deep faded lines engraved into her porcelain skin lightly like he was strumming a guitar. She felt the touch, on her leg, into her soul, sparking the blood in her heart, electrifying every bone in her body, waking every emotion she’s ever known. She felt the touch. She let the tears slide down her face onto her naked chest. And without words spoken, he heard her everything she wanted to say.


10.) Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable.

I guess you can say the turning point is when he leaves. Even in letters and short phone calls, nothing made me feel closer then to actually be… close. Because when you argue, you can’t Skype hug it out. You can’t smell his skin through the cell phone. You can’t interlock fingers through text messages. The closest you can get to each other are the 10 numbers you touch on your keypad to connect, but even that sometimes gets blocked with a voicemail because the 3 hour difference meant he was already sleeping. I guess you can say the turning point is when I decided to follow. Leaving behind everything and anything familiar that I felt, to move somewhere unknown. To be somewhere unknown closer to a familiar feeling. That’s you. I packed my life in two suitcases. I kept my family and friends neatly tucked into the inbox of my phone. And I flew. 2,525.9 miles away for love. 2,525.9 miles away for real hugs after arguments. 2,525.9 miles away for the scent of your cologne. 2525.9 miles away to hold hands. 2525.9 miles away to only use the phone to call you and tell you I’m heading over, because there was no 3 hour difference.

TURNING POINT: noun; A time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, esp. one with beneficial results.

The definition states ‘beneficial results’. But I’m not sure if it’s beneficial yet, it hasn’t quite ended. I’m still going. Everyday seems to be a turning point for me without the actual last line. I guess that’s the excitement of it, keep going until you can’t go anymore and that moment will be deciding factor. All I know is I don’t regret anything, even during the days when I sometimes feel out of place. Even during the days I want to just go out and grab a coffee with an old friend, but I can’t because the 3 hour difference means that I’m sleeping now. Even during the days I live in their moment through filtered photos, because that’s the closest I can get. And it’s ironic how you find yourself in the same position all over again even though you thought you already fixed it, except instead of missing one person, you miss all 105 of them.

Maybe this right here, is the turning point.

30 Day Challenge Archive: 30 Days of Character Building

So obviously, I’m a little late considering I didn’t post this on January 1. But I’m filipino, so I guess I have an excuse.

I believe this challenge is targeting experienced writers who are possibly writing a book to describe the characters they’ve created. I wanted to find a 30 day challenge that would encourage me to write more. However, I don’t consider myself a great writer nor am I writing a book, but I found this challenge to be interesting if I took it and wrote something with a little twist. These “characters” are not in a book, or maybe they are, in a book I’ve read once before but for the most part, these characters could be anyone. They could be me, in the future, in the past, or a me in this exact moment. It could be someone I imagined. Someone I know. Someone I don’t know. It could even be you. It could maybe, always, be about you. I guess the excitement in it is to try and relate to this so called character of mine, because we all know when we read something we all find a little piece of ourselves in the words. I’m going to say this is still relevant to the topic because if you think about it… we are all characters in this chapter of life.

30 Day Challenge Archive: 30 Days of Character Building


1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

2.) What are your characters most prominent physical feature

3.) Name one scar your character…